FVWM 2.6.1 (stable)发布


最新发布的stable版本是 2.6.0 , 这次发布距离上次发布约五年的时间。


  • Support libpng 1.5.0’s slightly newer API.


  • Fix width of FvwmTaskBar to fit on screen properly by using the correct
    module information to determine the border size.
  • Fix resizing shaded windows with a shade direction that does not match the
    window’s gravity. Shaded windows might have jumped to strange positions when
    being resized by the application.
  • FvwmIconMan now accepts an optional module alias when running in transient
  • Use of the NoUSPosition style is now properly reported by “BugOpts
    ExplainWindowPlacement on”.
  • Fix the CursorMove command to no longer move the pointer beyond the boundary
    of a page, if EdgeScroll was set to disable page flipping.
  • Fix NeverFocus windows from taking focus when opening menus, etc.
  • Plus *MANY* other fixes, improvements, etc. Please see the docs/ANNOUNCE
    file from 2_6_0.



  • Make the version and check of Fribidi >= 0.19.2
  • fvwm-menu-desktop:
  • Make XML::Parser check runtime as it’s a non-standard module.
  • Fix perl version check.


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