Scientific Linux 6 Beta 3 发布

Troy Dawson has announced the availability of the third beta build ofScientific6: “We have released the third beta of Scientific Linux 6. It is possible that this is our last beta, so if there is some feature you think we missed, let us know now. Changed since beta 2: SL desktop tweaks – added ‘add/remove packages’ entry to the KDE menu; OpenAFS first boot now works; LiveUSB Creator now has links to the latest SL6 live CDs; removed the option of reporting back to Red Hat; comps.xml – added group ‘spins’ which has the revisor and live packages, added group ‘repos’ which has the external repository packages, these packages are now available for installing during the normal install. Known issues: if you are on a x86_64 machine, install the Adobe repository, and install flash-plugin and/or AdobeReader_enu, you will get AdobeReader_ in addition to what you asked for.” Read the full release announcement for details.

下载 Scientific Linux 6 Beta 3

SL-6-i386-2011-02-11-Everything-DVD1.iso (4,264MB, SHA256)

SL-6-x86_64-2011-02-11-Everything-DVD1.iso(4,190MB), SHA256).

关于Scientific Linux

Scientific Linux同Centos 类似由Red Hat Enterprise Linux重编译而成,由费米国家加速器实验室,欧洲核研究组织(CERN)以及世界各地的大学和实验室共同开发。旨在与Red Hat Enterprise Linux完全兼容,并提供了上游产品中未收入的额外软件包,这当中最值得一提的是各种文件系统,包括Cluster Suite和Global File System(GFS)、FUSE、OpenAFS、Squashfs、Unionfs,以及对Intel无线固件的无线网络支持、MadWiFi和NDISwrapper、Sun Java及Java Development Kit(JDK)、轻量级的IceWM窗口管理器、面向统计计算的R语言环境,以及Alpine邮件客户端。