Mandriva 2011 Alpha 1 发布

许久不曾关注的Mandriva 今天发布了Mandriva 2011 Alpha 1, Mandriva 2011 Alpha 1 使用 2.6.37 kernel ,RPM 5.3.8 (20110125), NetworkManager 0.8.2(整合mandriva插件), 默认使用Systemd 17,KDE SC 4.6.0,GNOME 2.32.1,XFCE 4.8.0,GCC 4.5.2( with plugins enabled by default),Chromium browser, provided in a versioning scheme to match the one used Google Chrome project (e.g., chromium-browser-stable and chromium-browser-unstable),Firefox 4b11,OpenSSL 1.0.0d,Wine 1.3.13。


下载:Mandriva.2011-alpha1.i586.iso (1,557MB, MD5).